20 Home Office Desks that Reviewers LOVE

20 Home Office Desks that Reviewers LOVE 

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication but all is subject to change in love and war.


  1. Simple L-shaped Corner Computer Desk that fits nicely in a corner and provides an ample space where you can do a lot of work―gaming, office, and paper works. Its neutral black color goes with any home decor or style, offering any work space an upgrade.  


Promising review: "I've been using this desk for 3 days now and I'm completely satisfied with it! Assembly took about 1 hour, 20 minutes and that's only because I wanted to make sure I was lining the holes up correctly. Everything is numbered so the instructions were simple to understand. The final size is great. It's bigger than I anticipated, but that's even better. I now have a printer, 2 laptops and a small 3 drawer organizer on it among various small accessories and I don't feel cluttered at all. I would totally recommend this desk and should the need for a 2nd desk arise, I'm buying this same model again." –Emerald Tree Holdings 

Price: $138.98 (Originally $199.99) 


  1. The Mahogany Computer Workstation Desk w/ Storage that gives a place to everything essential for work. This multifunctional desk allows you to stay organized with its storage drawers, shelves, and rear cable openings for an entangled-free, tidy arrangement. This is a perfect work-from-home desk! 


Promising review: “A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING, AND EVERYTHING FINALLY IN ITS PLACE!" Lots of storage. A central part of my successful wfh set-up." –Richard L 

Price: $198.98 (Originally $299.99) 


  1. The Hansen Cherry 60" W x 24" D Credenza Home Office Computer Desk gives you extra storage or an extension of your workspace so that you can work without delay and with comfort. With its simplicity, it allows you to easily re-arrange your workstation. And as a standalone desk, it's perfect for a minimalistic interior design. 


Promising review: "Perfect for my needs, I wanted a sturdy, large desk without shelving or other fancy accessories. Easy to assemble and looks amazing!" –Benjamin A  

Price: $328.98 (Originally $499.99) 


  1. The Smoked Oak Pedestal Desk w/ Open Shelves is space saving and small yet versatile. Do you want to work on your laptop, have a coffee or tea, write some notes, or read a book? You can rely on this desk to give you the workspace and storage for your favorite books and accessories. With its lightweight design, you can move this desk easily to any room of the house.   


Promising review: "Got this desk for my work from home job. It’s sleek and minimalist, love the look. It’s also very sturdy, doesn’t take up too much space, I fit an amplifier for my guitar underneath and all my electric cables, still have room to sit on my desk chair. Really great design. Sweet buy." –R_a 

Price:  $128.98 (Originally $189.99) 


  1. The Brown Bamboo Multifunctional Laptop Desk that allows you to do both—work or breakfast in bed! Or sit on the floor while playing cards or board games on it. Also, imagine yourself in a lazy position, leaning towards the headboard or at the side of a couch, with your legs propped up, working on your laptop with a coffee on the side of this desk. Spell c-o-m-f-o-r-t!  


Promising review: "This laptop desk is a must have. It makes working with laptops or books really easy at any place. The desk is light enough to be easily carried around in the house. The foldable part makes it very comfortable to work in laptops. It’s very sturdy as well." –Dhwani Z 

Price: $88.98 (Originally $129.99) 


  1. Honey Home Office Desk & Hutch is what you'd like to have for your private space. Small but powerful, it is crafted of solid beechwood, sturdy enough to mount your television or monitor on it. Its size, simplicity, and classic style give you an intimate experience. 


Promising review: "I am using the desk while writing this. I love how small it is, it certainly helps when I’m living in a trailer and every space has to be accounted for. I needed space for writing stories, and I’ve been writing all day long and it is a huge help because I have less distractions because it is only enough room for my notebook, pens, and few books on writing. I am extremely happy I purchased this desk!" –Charmaine W 

Price: $228.98 (Originally $299.99) 


  1. Laminate Marble Folding Computer Desk with a classic color and design that makes your surroundings look expensive for an affordable price. The yellow gold and marble white color combination, and steel bar legs only add elegance to your room, kitchen, or office.  


Promising review: "This is a very attractive sturdy very easy to assemble!!! I love it so much I bought two more!!!!" –Juliette M 

Price: $128.98 (Originally $199.99) 


  1. Multi Color Calypso Desk for folks that have vintage interior designs at home. It has a trendy, distressed look, with earthy tones. A desk that serves its purpose without compromising quality and style.  


Promising review: " It holds my two monitors on the top ledge and has enough space for my keyboard and mouse pad. It’s rustic and I love the look of it And the colors in it. I definitely am happy with it. The desk is sturdy but also light weight so when I get that cooped up feeling and need a change it’s really easy to move. It was super easy to assemble too!" –Kelly E.C. 

Price: $398.98 (Originally $599.99) 


  1. An Aged Maple Executive Pedestal Desk that has many storage compartments will not disappoint you if you're looking for sturdy furniture to last a long time. Looks old without being old. With aged maple finish, brown color, and antiqued bronze door pulls, who wouldn't be impressed by its view? 


Promising review: "After weeks of searching, I finally found a great solid wood desk at a good price. No manufactured wood! Very easy to assemble and not time consuming. Fits perfectly into the space and will serve well as my main desk. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a QUALITY built writing desk." –Nav 

Price: $988.98 (Originally $1,399.99) 


  1. An Antique Tobacco Titian Desk, with a tobacco finish, is simple and minimalistic, yet an attractive display to your house. It'll put you at ease to keep your valuable belongings such as your mobile phone, keys, or a favorite book in its single drawer, securely so it's very easy to find when needed. 


Promising review: "I have assembled many pieces of furniture and this is by far one of the easiest. Once it is together, it is very sturdy and it suits my purposes perfectly. I use it as a guitar workbench and the drawers hold all of my guitar tools. I would not use this if it weren't sturdy since my guitars are pretty expensive." –T.t.  

Price: $198.98 (Originally $249.99) 


  1. Industrial Farmhouse Computer Desk w/ Book Shelf is unquestionably the most in-demand and most popular for the busy and hard-working WFH peeps. Bother no more going to the library to find your reliable resources, place the books on the shelves in front of you and you can display some trinkets or a pen holder and a mug with printed quotes to give you some inspiration while working.  


Promising review: "This desk is just what I was looking for. It is very sturdy. I love the look of the wood and black finishes together." –Fan 

Price: $348.98 (originally $499.99; available in two colors) 


  1. Touch & Learn Activity Desk Deluxe for children especially toddlers to keep them engaged in a selection of 5 activities. Let them enjoy playing and learning, while you sneak out and enjoy your coffee in peace.  


Promising review: "Wonderful gift. My Granddaughter who is 3 years old. She can't get enough of learning from it. She loves it!! Great learning tool ...Would recommend buying." – –NORMA 

Price: $98.98 (originally $149.99) 


  1. Two-Drawer Writing Glam Accents Brass, Home Office Computer Desk or Vanity Table for the people who love a touch luxury to their space. Its sleek surface, gold frames, and polished brass finish will match your luxurious lifestyle. This sophisticated piece will make anyone admire your seemingly expensive taste. 


Promising review: "Great quality especially for the price. Get tons of compliments on it." –DeidreM 

Price: $278.98 (originally $399.99; available in different colors) 


  1. Black Rolling Adjustable Computer Professional Treadmill Desk that allows you to be a real boss! It can hold two monitors at once and has a height adjustment function where you can enjoy working either sitting or standing. It also has rolling wheels, which means you can move right away to any space in your house when your neighbor starts making a crazy noise. 


Promising review: "Wow - very impressed with the quality and ease to assemble. One of the only desks available that can go around our treadmill to walk while working and then wheel over for regular desk work. Highly recommend!" –A Moore 

Price: $144.98 (originally $199.99) 


  1. Red & Black Computer Gaming Office Deskt hat has a large desktop to accommodate two screens at a time. It has a headphone hook underneath, a cable management tray, and a drink holder at the side. Its waterproof quality is a bonus. The color, design, and functionality make this the perfect entertainment table. 


Promising review: "Loved the piece in my son’s room. He is a gamer and it fits his two screens and tower perfectly! Love the cup holder too!" –Kathleen 

Price: $168.98 (originally $249.99) 


  1. Gray Oak & Clear Glass Armon Desk for a unique and classic addition to your space. It's a blend of a natural and luxurious look. Its middle drawer attracts attention, in contrast to side open compartments.  


Promising review: "I love love love this! It was exactly what I wanted. It is a wonderful piece for any home and definitely has that charm I was looking for." –RebeccaS 

Price: $218.98 (originally $299.99)  


  1. Black Computer Desk w/ Storage & Hooks that can be converted into a picnic table. Easy to carry outside as it is foldable. There are three hooks on the side where you can hang your stuff to avoid clutter and a side storage box to keep your files in place. Simple and minimalist, a must-have for neat freaks. 


Promising review: "This is just what we needed for our daughter’s room. Nice and airy looking, plenty of desk top space and extremely easy to put together and take apart for storing." –Jsattler 

Price: $148.98 (originally $199.99) 


  1. Pink Home Office Desk w/ Hutch that any woman who puts on make-up would love to have. Yes, this is also a vanity table that has a total of five drawers, providing enough storage for your cosmetics and jewelry. Removing the detachable hutch allows it to have a simpler look, yet still girlish. 


Promising review: "Very cute desk! It’s perfect for my daughter to use while doing her school work! I love the hutch. The desk was very easy to assembly - maybe took 20 mins. It’s perfect for what we were looking for!" –Neal D 

Price: $198.98 (originally $249.99) 


  1. Black Double Workstation Computer Desk w/ Hutch is ideal to get two people working together near, making collaboration faster. A great choice for siblings studying together. This gives you and your partner more intimacy in your relationship if you both work from home. Not even work can break you apart! 


Promising review: "Very sturdy. Love the look, perfect for two people. Best purchase I’ve made all year" –Evelyn  

Price: $328.98 (originally $499.99) 


  1. Black Folding Desk 2 Tier Computer Desk w/ Shelf Space Saving Laptop Study Table that's ready to use. Feeling hasty? Rushing on paperwork? Simply unfold once and you're good to go. This space-saving furniture is also a lifesaver. 


Promising review: "This was perfect for my vacation condo, providing plenty of space for a keyboard, a laptop and a portable monitor. Folds up flat in 30 seconds." –L Prokopets 

Price: $99.99 (originally $149.99) 


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